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Information on school excursions

  • To schools who are considering staying at this facility on a school excursion

    NIKKO TOKINOYUU is located within walking distance to the World Heritage listed Nikko Toshogu Shrine, Rinnoji Temple and Nikko Futara-san Shrine.Since this facility opened in 2010, the interior of the facility has been renewed each time, and we are providing a clean and very clean room to everyone.In addition, in order to meet the various needs of elementary school students and faculty members, our staff will do their best to assist you on an important school trip that will last a lifetime from your arrival to your departure.Please use this museum as a base for your NIKKO school trip.If you are staying on a school excursion, we will prepare one night with half board (evening & breakfast).(We also support allergies.)
    To make a reservation, please call the inn directly or contact a travel agency near you.
  • For those who wish to request materials, please contact the hotel representative for the school and travel agency.