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Light breakfast

A nice breakfast served in the service.

The light breakfast service will resume from August 2, 2020 with advance reservations and limited dates.

【Information for restarting the light breakfast service】

To prevent coronavirus infection, the light breakfast service was suspended from April 5, 2020, but pre-booked with light breakfast from August 2, 2020 only (excludes customers without meals) We will resume only.Please understand that we do not accept orders on the day.In addition, please understand that it may be canceled or it may not be done due to the date of coronavirus infection.Please contact the inn because the menu contents and provision method are different from before.(It is not a former Biffe format, but one by one.)

From August 2, 2020, the menu contents and provision method have changed.

Bread, salad, daily menu dishes, cereals, free drinks, etc.
  • Western Food

    • Information on light breakfast

      Western Food

      We offer bread, vegetable salad, coffee, soup, other dishes and other daily menu.
      Free (Light breakfast service may not be available depending on the plan contents.)
      Period available:
      AM 7: 00 to AM 8: 30 (last entry AM until 8: 00)※Weekends are open from 6: 30 AM

vegetable salad

  • vegetable salad

    Fresh vegetables are also available.(We will serve each one on a plate.)

potato salad

  • potato salad

    Served with a salad.