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1030 Kamihatsuishi Town, Nikko City, Tochigi Prefecture

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By Train: Get off at JR · Tobu Nikko Station, get off at "Shinkyo Bridge" by bus, take a walk of 0 minutes, Car: Nikko-Utsunomiya-do (Nikko Expressway) Nikko IC 10 minutes from Nikko-Utsunomiya-do (Nikko Expressway) Nikko IC
  • When using a car

    Access method 1: Tokyo
    Urawa IC → Tohoku Expressway (1 hour) → Utsunomiya IC via Utsunomiya IC, Nikko Utsunomiya Toll Road (20 minutes) → ~ Nikko IC - Route 119 towards Toshogu Shrine in 10 minutes


    If you are using the parking lot, please drop in at the inn.Also please understand that the key of your car may be kept at the front desk.
    In addition, we do not take any responsibility for accidents, thefts, troubles in the parking lot so please use it after understanding.
  • When using a train

    [From JR Tokyo Station]
    Tohoku Shinkansen(About 50 minutes)→Utsunomiya Station(About 45 minutes)→Nikko Station

    [From JR Ueno station]
    Tohoku Main Line(About 1 hour 40 minutes)→Utsunomiya Station(About 45 minutes)→Nikko Station

    [Tobu Asakusa Station / JR Shinjuku Station Station]
    Limited Express Spacia(About 2 hours)→(Under Imaichi Station transfer)→Tobu Nikko Station

    ※Express scan Bae Shia Tobu Nikko Station (direct) and Kinugawa Station (what you need is under Imaichi transfer) and there is.Please be careful when you ride.
    ※JR Shinjuku Station departure departures are few, be sure to check on the Tobu Railway website.

    ◆Tobu Railway JR·Tobu Nikko·Kinugawa River Sightseeing Free Tickets

    [Tobu Nikko Station]
    20 minutes on foot to Toshogu Shrine direction

    If you use the bus, you can get off at the "Shinkyo Bridge" bus stop and it is in front of you.